Video: HR in China – Recruiting and HR Management

Our webinar (German language) explains how the Chinese labor market works in real life and outlines the difficulties and competition international companies are facing in the Chinese labor market. How to find the right talents? What should you consider when hiring and terminating your employees? How do social security reform and individual income tax reform influence your business in China? How to comply with regulation as an HR manager in China?

Webinar Agenda

Dr. Manuel Vermeer

  • Chinese or German: Who fits better for my Chinese business?
  • The recruiting process: What do I have to pay attention to?
  • What role do location, industry, remuneration play?
  • Q&A

Manuela Reintgen

  • Trends and characteristics in the Chinese labor market
  • Employee recruitment (job description, employment contract, employee manual, etc.)
  • HR management (chop management, reimbursement process, Internal Control Review, employee training)
  • Termination of employment relationship (conditions for termination, severance pay)

About the Speakers

Manuela Reintgen

Senior Manager Business Development

Heading our Business Development and Marketing department, Manuela lived and worked in China from 2009 to 2017 and currently advises clients in- and outside of China from our Heidelberg office. She holds a diploma in Chinese, French and Law and has worked for several private and governmental institutions in both Germany and China before joining ECOVIS Beijing. Her focus is on foreign direct investment into China, she advises our clients on all aspects of establishing and doing business in China. Manuela is well versed in tax and legal regulations as well as main challenges and pitfalls SMEs encounter whilst managing their China entity.

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Dr. Manuel Vermeer

Founder and owner of Dr. Vermeer Consult

Mr. Vermeer graduated from Heidelberg University and from Shanghai University. He holds degrees in Chinese/Spanish studies and earned a PhD for his research on the special economic zone of Hainan. Since 1988, he teaches East Asian marketing as well as Chinese language, culture and economy at the East Asia Institute at the Hochschule für Wirtschaft in Ludwigshafen. Mr. Vermeer simultaneously teaches as visiting lecturer at the Private Fachhochschule Goettingen and serves as a member of ZfU Business School in Zuerich. Prior to that, he trained Chinese language translators at Mainz University in Germersheim. Mr. Vermeer gives lectures on China, India and Europe. He advises companies on China and India strategies and coaches on intercultural management and on foreign languages in business. He wrote many publications on language and culture in China and India.