Video: HR in China – Recruiting and HR Management

Our webinar (German language) explains how the Chinese labor market works in real life and outlines the difficulties and competition international companies are facing in the Chinese labor market. How to find the right talents? What should you consid...

Video: 8 key points about China’s IIT Reform

On December 2018, China published a number of regulations regarding the reform of the Individual Income Tax, which went into full effect on January first, 2019. The new rules will bring fundamental changes which will literally impact every taxpayer i...

Video: E-Fapiao – Understanding Advances In Fapiao Technology

Managing fapiao, or tax receipts, is an essential part of doing business in China. In this video, we will explain the purpose of the fapiao system, as well as explain how the e-fapiao technology can have an impact on your business operations.

Video: Profit Repatriation – How to return financial assets to your home country?

On the 2nd of July, Business Development manager Mr. Rene Bernard presented a webinar on the topic of Profit repatriation. The webinar discusses the different methods of repatriating money in China for companies and individuals. It also shows the tax...

Video: China as an Investment Location

Our China expert Manuela Reintgen explained legal and tax reforms in China in our webinar (German language). These reforms are part of the strategy "Made in China 2025". China intends to be the world's leading investment location in key industries su...