Video: 8 key points about China’s IIT Reform

On December 2018, China published a number of regulations regarding the reform of the Individual Income Tax, which went into full effect on January first, 2019. The new rules will bring fundamental changes which will literally impact every taxpayer in China, the reason why this topic has always been eye-catching since a few months. The changes will affect not only residents but also foreign taxpayers, expats and frequent business travelers to China.

In our webinar (German language) our Ecovis Beijing consultant Manuela Reintgen will be discussing the following key points :

  • Tax resident in China
  • Worldwide income: six-years rule
  • New tax brackets
  • Allowances and deductions for forging employee
  • Annual bonus
  • Examples: tax calculation
  • Unique tax ID
  • Extra costs for employees and employers?


About the speaker

Manuela Reintgen (Senior Manager Business Development & Marketing)

Manuela Reintgen is heading our Business Development and Marketing department. Manuela lived and worked in China from 2009 to 2017 and currently advises clients in- and outside of China from our Heidelberg office. She holds a diploma in Chinese, French and Law and has worked for several private and governmental institutions in both Germany and China before joining Ecovis Beijing. Her focus is on foreign direct investment into China, she advises our clients on all aspects of establishing and doing business in China. Manuela is well versed in tax and legal regulations as well as main challenges and pitfalls SMEs encounter whilst managing their China entity.