Merry Christmas! It is the season for giving…

Are you still looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your family and friends? Why not treat your company to something special, too – we have the perfect gift idea for your China business!

Our gifts are just right for last-minute shoppers – available immediately and still tailor-made. And without burdening your wallet too much! Keep enjoying these presents in the new year for a long time!

With the Cyber Security Healthcheck we have created a compact package to please technology freaks and dummies alike: Is your IT infrastructure legally compliant? Are all relevant data protection regulations observed? These and many other questions will be answered by our tailor-made legal opinion.

With new deductions and lower tax rates for low and middle incomes, the new income tax law promises to be a gift of money for many taxpayers. But this gift is non-returnable!  It is therefore worthwhile for companies to be well prepared for the new regulations taking effect on 01 January 2019. For this purpose we recommend our tailored workshops on China’s individual income tax reform. Also available as a voucher: Buy now and redeem in 2019!

What should you do if you want to send the gift abroad? This question arises again and again in connection with the question of profit repatriation, especially at the end of the financial year. Money transfers out of China are always a challenge for individuals as well as companies. Our consulting package shows all process steps for your company and deals with further questions, e.g. how to avoid double taxation.

This is only a selection of our gift ideas available at short notice – please contact us for more individual recommendations!

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