Services in China

Data Security

Compliance to international regulations in Cyberspace are the make and break criteria for international businesses in our time. Whether you engage in international e-commerce, maintain offices and/or facilities in different regions that communicate with each other, or simply send out newsletters to clients in the EU, data security regulations deeply affect your business.

Our team of cyber-law and cyber-security professionals perform detailed compliance checks of your communication facilities to ensure that your communications and data processing mechanisms are fully compliant with relevant regulations both in China and the European Union.

China Cyber Security Law Compliance Check

You are not sure if your international intranet complies with Chinese cyber security regulations? You fear that the authorities might shut down your communication services?

Not to worry! With our extensive China Cyber Security Law Compliance Check (China) we will ensure that your systems comply with local requirements, and provide detailed recommendations for changes that ensure your future compliance.

EU GDPR Compliance Check

Have you ever heard of the “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR)?

Sure, but I am in China, the GDPR does not affect me, right? Wrong! Every entity that processes data of European Union residents is obliged to provide adequate data and personal information protection.

Not sure how to do that? No worries, ECOVIS Beijing got you covered! With our EU GDPR Compliance Check (China) we provide you with a detailed strategy to make sure that your personal information processing systems completely fulfill the official requirements for EU costumers.