23 May 2017: Webinar – China’s New Point System for Work Visas

Webinar Visa Flyer-May2017


On 1 April 2017, China nationwide introduced a new point system and application procedure for work visas. This seminar will introduce the major changes and address some of the main bottlenecks in the application process. Additionally, the seminar will also present solutions to some common issues, such as expats older than 60, management positions, and the new rules for permanent residence permits.


Registration: socialmedia@ecovis-beijing.com




  1. From open door to selected entry – The evolution of China’s visa regime for foreign workers
  2. China’s New Work Permit – What was announced and what came out of it.
  3. How to get a hundred points? –  What qualifications matter and how much?
  4. General pitfalls and how to solve them




When: Tuesday, 23 May 2017
Time 3 pm Beijing Time

Torsten Weller


The login data will be sent to the participants shortly before the start of the webinar.


About the Speaker:



Mr. Torsten Weller is a business development associate with ECOVIS Beijing. He lives in Beijing since 2013 and has worked for the EU Delegation and a software company in Zhongguancun before joining Ecovis in 2016. Mr. Weller holds a Master of Law from Tsinghua University and advises foreign companies on market entry and other legal aspects. Having himself experienced the consequences of China’s capricious work permit regulations, Mr. Weller will also emphasize the many risks and pitfalls for foreign expats and visa holders.



Language: English





Registration: socialmedia@ecovis-beijing.com