16 August 2017 Webinar: Chops and Their Role in Chinese Business

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Wednesday, 16 August 2017


Chops have played a vital role in Chinese society for millennia. Even today, everything from business contracts to government approval requires a chop. 


In this seminar, ECOVIS Beijing’s Chinese Business Expert, Torsten Weller, will guide you through the role Chops play in doing business in China, along with the services ECOVIS Beijing provides. Because of the difficulties and uncertainties, many foreign companies face when using chops in China, ECOVIS Beijing provides several risk mitigation strategies and services. 


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Content of the Webinar:


  1. What are chops
  2. Why are they so important
  3. Risk mitigation strategies



Date: 16 August 2017
Time: 3pm, Beijing Time
Speaker Torsten Weller
Language English


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About the Speaker:



Mr. Torsten Weller is a business development associate with ECOVIS Beijing. He lives in Beijing since 2013 and has worked for the EU Delegation and a software company in Zhongguancun before joining Ecovis in 2016. Mr. Weller holds a Master of Law from Tsinghua University and advises foreign companies on market entry and other legal aspects. 









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