Video: How to handle late payments in China?

Late payments are a widely spread issue in China affecting both domestic and foreign businesses. They especially have a severe effect on small businesses, as they have more limited access to financing. At the same time, they also have limited bargaining power when negotiating payment terms and lack the means to put pressure on unwilling debtors.

In this joint webinar with the EU SME Centre in China, our colleague René Bernard provides an overview of the ABC on how to deal with late payments in China. This webinar gives background information on this issue and explains the current regulatory framework for preventing late payments. It further puts a focus on the do’s and dont’s for businesses and especially SMEs with regards to preventing and dealing with late payments.

About the speaker: René Bernard,
Senior Associate Business Development

After graduating in Law and Chinese studies Rene has been living and working in China for the last eight years. Before joining ECOVIS Beijing he worked for several German SMEs and MNCs in Beijing.

René has a solid background in the mechanical engineering industry and know-how in HR and market development for German companies in China. At ECOVIS Beijing he is responsible for client communication and business development. He focuses on topics like IIT reform, GDPR, etc. Due to his longstanding China experience he is often requested as a speaker for events.