ECOVIS Beijing at the Chamber of Commerce in Giessen

Which tax and legal obstacles are there for foreign businesses in China? This question and other issues were discussed on 4 October 2016 at the German Chamber of Commerce in Giessen. On this occasion, Manuela Reintgen, Business Development Manager at ECOVIS Beijing presented the newest regulations and changes for foreign businesses operating in China. 

In particular, Ms. Reintgen discussed this year’s VAT reform and its consequences for SMEs as well as tax risks for dispatched employees. With regard to the latter problem, she focused on the so-called PE issue, which concerns the situation, when foreign companies involuntarily create a tax liability, e.g. by employees who stay too long in China. 

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Despite the current economic slowdown in China, the participants expressed a keen interest in doing business in China. In order to assist German and European firms in entering the Chinese market, ECOVIS Beijing will continue to cooperate with the Chamber of Commerce in Giessen and other German an international partners. 

The Speaker:

Manuela Reintgen is head of the Business Development Department at ECOVIS Beijing and advices foreign SMEs in all matters related to business entry and management in China. She is specialized in Secondments, individual income tax, social insurance, and trans-border tax issues

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 Manuela 150x225   Manuela Reintgen

Manuela Reintgen has been living and working in Shanghai and Beijing since 2009 and recently joined ECOVIS Beijing as Manager of the Business Development team. Having focused on foreign direct investment into China for the last few years, she advises clients on all aspects of establishing and doing business in China. Contact:



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