Services in Germany

Data Security

Ecovis Beijing has 10+ years of experience in assisting clients to comply with international and national internet regulation. Sino-German companies have to comply with China´s Cyber Security Law and the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Non-compliance with these regulations can lead to heavy fines and disrupt your business. These regulations not only apply in international e-commerce but also when your company sends out newsletters to EU customers.

Ecovis Beijing is an expert in international company structures and cross-border financial transactions that enjoys the trust of Chinese and German embassies and chambers of commerce. Our legal team makes sure that your company is fully compliant with the relevant regulations in Germany and China. Our IT team helps secure your communication systems and trains your staff to safeguard your company´s data.

Legal Team

GDPR Legal Audit

  • Detailed Compliance Check
  • Legal Health Audit
  • Document/Declaration Drafting
  • Data-Flow Analysis
  • Personal Data Protection Guidance
  • Recommendation Reports

CSL Legal Audit

  • Detailed Compliance Check
  • Online Activities Audit
  • Data-Localization Check
  • Document Drafting Assistance
  • Data-Flow Analysis
  • Personal Data Protection Guidance
  • Recommendation Reports (Zweimal?)

IT Team

Technology Consulting

  • IT-Security Health Check
  • Multi-Location Communication Audit
  • Network-Mapping/-Enhancing
  • Independent Technology Choice Advice
  • IT-Security Supervisory Services
  • Secure Data/ Communications
  • Recommendation Reports

Employee Empowerment

  • Social Engineering Protection
  • Employee Training Guidelines
  • Create Data-Security Awareness
  • IT-Staff Training Advisory