Services in Germany

Data Security

Compliance to international regulations in Cyberspace are the make and break criteria for international businesses in our time. Whether you engage in international e-commerce, maintain offices and/or facilities in different regions that communicate with each other, or simply send out newsletters to clients in the EU, data security regulations deeply affect your business.

Our team of cyber-law and cyber-security professionals perform detailed compliance checks of your communication facilities to ensure that your communications and data processing mechanisms are fully compliant with relevant regulations both in China and the European Union.

Our legal team can provide

  • Overall check and revision of your current personal data processing procedure
  • Preparation of internal guidelines, working procedures and manuals
  • Drafting privacy policies and other Terms & Conditions
  • Drafting, audit and revision of your contacts with clients or service providers or for internal communications and data transfer

Our IT team can provide

  • GDPR data flow audit
  • Data flow mapping (locating your data collection sources)
  • Recommendationf for security mechanisms to protect and secure your data, pseudonymizing data, restricting access to data within companies or departments
  • Analysis of IT network structure
  • Ideal IT structure recommendations