The “One Belt, One road” summit took place in Beijing from 25th until 27th of April, 2019. More than 40 countries’ heads of state, such as prime ministers and presidents attended the forum. Various aspects of the project were presented, among them the green measures and sustainability, zero corruption, job creation, etc. We created a list of articles on the various aspects of the Belt and Road Initiative (short: BRI project), as it is also called, which we believe will catch your interest.

The New Silk Roads reach the next level

This article entitled “The New Silk Roads reach the next level” was posted by Asia Times and shares information about the course of the summit. You will find more material about the speech provided by president Xi during the event and will gain a wider understanding of the relations that China and Russia will be having throughout the implementation of the BRI.

Who will benefit from China’s Belt and Road Initiative?

This article entitled “Who will benefit from China’s Belt and Road Initiative?”, published by Aljazeera, gives us a more in-depth look into the potential concerns from companies participating in the project as well as information on how the BRI has been evolving over time.

Third Market Cooperation along the New Silk Road: Contract Law

We recently published an article titled “Third Market Cooperation along the New Silk Road: Contract Law”, which provides a summary of what the “One Belt, One road” project is and what participating parties need to consider when entering into contracts. It principally gives an insight to the participating companies of this project on how to exercise their legal rights. Such as; what must be considered when Drafting a contract, Joint Venture contracts, Intellectual property rights, Trade restrictions, Data protection, Dispute settlement and some general information on opportunities for interested companies.

Video: Belt and Road Initiative Explained

This piece is a video entitled “Belt and Road Initiative explained” posted by South China Morning Post on YouTube, which provides a quick and neutral explanation on the initiative. It reaches out to the viewer thanks to an interactive map with the potential railways and pipelines that will be constructed. It gives an unbiased outlook on the various opinions about the project and also constructive information on other countries’ decisions.

Each article provides information we believe is helpful for a more in-depth understanding of this initiative. Whether it is on the political, environmental, financial side or other, we hope you find an interesting read.

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